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Posted: 01 October 2012
Hi Kevin,
You won the £125 first prize for the Racing Collective in Month 6.

1st Place: Personal Info with a 169.33% ROI
Regards, Peter
Posted: 06 August 2012
Hi Kevin,
..Congratulations - you won in Month 4 of the Racing Collective.

I will send the prize money over via bank transfer again if that is OK with you.

Many thanks,
Peter The SBC Editor
Posted: 07 July 2012
Hi Kevin,

Well done on finishing first for the SBC Collective during Ascot week. You win the prize money of £75.

If you could let us know how you would like to receive payment. Bank Transfer/Paypal/Moneybookers that would be great.


Peter The SBC Editor. 1st Place: Personal Info with an 182.50% ROI
Posted: 20 January 2012
Hi Kevin, just wanted to add my congratulations to the many others you must have had following a truly great couple of days. Not sure which of the drifters was the most surprising. Probably today's, ending up at 15/8 - which was a real big surprise to me, although yesterdays 11/1 winner gave us most profit. Either way, a great couple of days.
Well done, and Many Thanks.

Kind regards,
Malcolm H from Hants
Posted: 31 December 2011
An 89.8 point gain came from the profit-making machine, Personal Info. The year ended in magnificent fashion with a run of 11 winners from just twelve selections between 17 November and 20 December. The highlight of this marvellous run was Carrietas, a successful 16/1 advice at Musselburgh on 25 November.
Other high spots during 2011 for Personal Info included Style and Panache, another 16/1 advice, at Nottingham on 26 October. There were also three impressive sequences of winners: a haul of nine wins from 11 selections between 3 and 21 March; eight from 12 between 24 August and 14 September; and seven from nine between 20 July and 3 August. The first of these three sequences included a highly profitable Cheltenham Festival when all four selections (Big Bucks, Chicago Grey, Quevega and Hurricane Fly) were all victorious.

Source taken from on 31 Dec 2011

Source taken from on 31 Dec 2011
Posted: 01 December 2011
Hi Kevin,
Your “PERSONAL INFO” genuine high class racing information is second to none. I have gambled for sixty years and never paid for information, until I spoke to you a few years ago and you fully explained your service and answered all questions I put to you. I followed your results on your website. I decided to call you and you offered me a three month contract with a discount, now three months later I have just signed up with for another contract.

KEVIN`S integrity is 100%, messages are always straight to the point and never any post mortems about the odd loser. You can e.mail or telephone KEVIN anytime and he will listen and explain any questions you have. Serious punters get on to KEVIN and sign up and watch your bank balance grow. KEVIN is not on the bookmakers christmas card list!! SINCERE THANKS KEVIN. BEST WISHES.

A S From Perthshire
Posted: 14 September 2011
Thank You Kevin for a very professional selective service, truly a service the serious bettor should have in their armoury. I am not really one for saying well done to a service as I know it is a long term investment and there is a long way to go in my membership term, but, I have to say I really like the service. I like the very selective approach and the consideration to bet or not to bet. There are many services that back multiple selections in one day and also bet most days. I was sceptical about joining, but I now know that even if we hit a few losers I know that long term this service will be a bedrock of my portfolio.
Here's looking forward to a long and mutually successful relationship


SP From Herts
Posted: 27 November 2010
Personal Info hit the heights, yet again!

Personal Info deserves special credit. Since 19 October this ever-consistent service has proofed 18 advices, and remarkably, 14 have won and four of the other five finished runner-up (a near 78% strike-rate). If we present the results in form-figure style, the record reads: 111111211221115111. With six wins from the last seven advices, it is clear Personal Info are in the form of their lives as we enter the last month of 2010.
Posted: 22 November 2010

thanks again for the discount (as advertised in Saturdays Racing Post) on a further two year extension of your service.

As you know this keeps my membership live until October 2014, but I have to say for me it was an absolute no brainer to take advantage of this offer given the profits you have made me year on year since I found your service a number of years ago. No one can expect to make money every day, every week or even every month backing horses but you have proved that you can make money every year following your advice providing you are well disciplined. Who in their right mind is not going to renew to make over £6,000 a year to £50pp stakes.

I can personally verify every claim you have made in your adverts both in the racing press and on your website (which is more than can be said for most services), and I have had a great deal of enjoyment along the way. This is now the third time I have extended my membership well before it was due to expire - keep it up.

Bets wishes

SH- Walton on Thames.
Posted: 08 June 2010
Well done, Kevin! What an excellent start to things after your well-deserved break. A lot of people agreed with you about today's selection, but I was waiting for you to mention him before chancing a serious stake.

Regards and thanks
JB from Berkshire
Posted: 20 March 2010
Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your exceptional information over the Cheltenham week, 2 winners from 3 bets including a 9/1 winner is outstanding given some of the results over the 4 days. The win on Ballabriggs was especially nice because I have just about covered my outlay on a 2 year subscription in the 5 weeks since I joined, which is long before I expected. I think that last furlong at Cheltenham when Ballabriggs won seemed to go on longer than the other 3 miles I thought someone had walked off with the winning post but it just came in time.

Darren H from W Yorks
Posted: 17 March 2010
Hi Kevin

Very pleased with quality of information I think the 2 year subscription offers superb value to subscribers given the proven profitability of the service. I looked at many services before deciding to join your service it has a real good reliable honest, consistent and professional approach and most importantly it is profitable. All credit to you.

Darren H from W Yorks
Posted: 24 November 2009
With regard to your offer of membership renewal for my father, I regretfully I have to tell you that he passed away in July of this year. As he was my father, I was very aware that he very much enjoyed your service.

I would appreciate if you would delete his details from your mailing list and database

Thanks and regards,
Long Terms Members Son
Posted: 24 November 2009
Hi Kevin,
I only joined you a few weeks ago and although I am nicely in front I am not really qualified to write a testimonial of your selections or on how likely it is of your service making me a profit over my full 12 months with you?.

The thing that really strikes me about your website and service though is you're presentation of the selections and the clear instructions. The last service I was with used to pass on 15 or 16 selections in one day sometimes with lots of other mentions as well. Also, Kevin on your site I notice that there are not lots of bookmaker banners on with fantastic FREE BET offers from those nice bookmakers. Which, shows me that you're not on the referals bandwaggon that seems to be on almost every website these days!

Bad luck with the E/W punt today :-(, but, it was travelling so well a furlong or so out, but I don't think it stayed the extra furlong? but, I know they all can't win.
Posted: 06 May 2009
Hi, Kevin, when I joined your service last august; I must say I was wary after being stung by so called tipsters out there. You have my permission to show this letter if you so wish but since ive joined I have to say im delighted with the service. No false promises or false prices that you cant get, only one losing month so far which is brilliant. If you are looking for big priced winners every week then followed with a lot of losers then look elsewhere but like me if you have learnt the hard way and you are looking long term then this is the service for you. It’s up to yourself what you stake, I do 20 euro a point but Kevin will tell you the strength of the bet. I have read these letters on sites before and I said to myself they are made up or they are his friends but I can tell you now speaking for myself all bets giving are true because I kept a record myself.
I,m from Ireland and if you want to give me a ring Kevin has my permission to pass on my number.

Pat, Limerick, Ireland.
Posted: 20 April 2009
“Personal Info definitely have a lot going for them. A low level of volatility and a regular flow of winners will be good for most punters' pockets and ongoing confidence.

The profits also look attainable - especially for those taking a middle-ground level average stakes approach.

The workload involved is pleasingly low and should fit comfortably into most busy people's work routines. It is very rare to have to place any more than a couple of bets on any given day and for the most part, the prices appear to be largely attainable. In terms of the combination of profitability, ease of use, strike rate and volatility, Personal Info are the equal of anything we’ve seen over the last three years. We’d consider them amongst the very best services out there and as such we are both happy to recommend them and back their selections with our own hard cash.”

Greg Gordon

Greg Gordon is a highly respected freelance journalist whose work is featured in The Sunday Times, The Observer, and The Financial Times.

Posted: 17 April 2009
Hi Kevin,
Thanks for a really great 12 months I have really enjoyed it, I am just about to renew online, however, I was wondering if you have any terms available for longer than the 12 month option?
Please let me know before Monday as my current membership ends on the 20th.

Keep up the good work.

David Barker
Posted: 13 December 2008
Dear Kevin,
£960 is the most I have ever won whilst backing a horse!
Many thanks to you and please, please keep up the good work.

Yours Sincerley
GP Lancs
Posted: 09 December 2008
Just a quick message to say thank you very much for today’s selection’s! Since joining the service a month ago, I’ve been very impressed with the service and the consistency of the selections.
Thank you very much for the excellent service!!!

It’s been a great December.....keep it up!

Best Wishes
Mike from Cheshire
Posted: 08 November 2008
“Personal Info have been proofing to Besttipping for over three years and this is the real test of a tipster, not one week or one month but over years. During this time the Mainline service has consistently proved to be one of the most profitable services; based on recommended stake and price at a £50 stake you would be up over £33,000 for a cost of around £3,500 – nearly a 10:1 return on an investment. The Max Bets only service is ideal for those wanting only the occasional bet, average of around 1 – 2 a week, but delivering a real bang for the buck as it is up over £16.000 in the three years with nearly a 50% win record.”

“Besttipping is audited by a firm of independent accountants who have also confirmed that Besttipping fully meet the guidelines as laid down by the Advertising Standards Authority on Tipster Proofing. This means customers can be 100% certain that all the data is completely accurate, at both recommended and SP prices.”

Best regards

David Parker
Commercial Director Besttipping

David Parker
Posted: 17 August 2008
Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the excellent information on La Columbina, I don't know how you do it but the profits continue to grow, and Yesterdays superb gamble on La Columbina was especial pleasing for me as I did have a phone call from some so called expert yesterday morning wanting me to do an ODDS TOO bet for him on the paper FAV in the race, and I agreed, however, when I read your selection on the site and your precise reason as to why La Columbina was a GOOD THING in the same race I decided to swerve the FAV and go with your trusted knowledge and expertise, and I took the 9/2 about La Columbina, meaning it was like winning twice, money saved and money won, and Kevin, let me tell you I have been with many other tipping services before until I was fortunate enough to take the plunge with your service, and as you know Kevin that was almost 3 years ago and I will be making yet another renewal on August 31.
Please keep up the excellent service.

Thanks again,

JD from W Yorkshire
Posted: 30 June 2008
Hi Kevin
A big thank you to yourself and the team. What a run. I joined in November on £1O a point, and if there was a winning month I increased my stake by either £5 or £1O depending on the size of the winnings. Every month has been a winning month and next month my stake is £65 per point.
I have tried tens of schemes; some make small profits but with long losing runs. Some have loads of bets but make a pittance, and some lose money. Yours is by far the best!

Congratulations and thank you!
JB from Lancashire.
Posted: 02 June 2008
Having joined your service as a 'Maximum Bet only' client 3 years ago, I quicky found the service consistent and reliable. From the profits I took the plunge and upgraded to the MAINLINE service, which after a shakey month or so started and continues to reap good rewards and I think overall is far better than the maximum bets only service - although good in itself.

Your clear advice and rationale keep it simple and as you know I am now signed up for another 2 years- all from some of my profit.

There have been truly remarkable results over the past 3 months and that is despite your last maximum bet falling at the last when it was clearly going to win.

I would recommend your service to anyone serious about making a profit over the medium to long term.

Keep it up.

SH - Surrey.
Posted: 24 April 2008
Dear Kevin
I would like to say how impressed I have been with your racing service and in the period of time I have been with you I have made a substantial profit. This is an honestly run service pulling no tricks and probably is the best tipping service I have ever been involved with. I would recommend you to anyone who has a love of gambling on horse racing.

Best Regards
FF from Kent
Posted: 15 February 2007
Hi Kevin
Yet another winner. These Max Bets are magical.
I wish I had the nerve to mortgage my house and put the lot on. Keep them coming.
I don't know how I could be anymore delighted with the service.

Kind Regards
BP from Birmingham
Posted: 11 October 2006
What can I say? A while ago I calculated how much money I had wasted on so called tipsters. Including my voluntary contributions to assorted bookies bank accounts it comes out at a mind numbing £5,000. How I wish I had found you first. Only joined August 06 for three months trial and already my modest betting bank has doubled. And that's after unavoidably missing two of your Max bets - both winners, needless to say. I am now seriously looking forward to recouping my staggering losses and actually moving into profit. I'm glad that I kept the faith. I've always been convinced that there are good tipsters out there; the trick was finding one. Looks like I've achieved it at last. A big thank you and keep it up.
BP from Birmingham
Posted: 06 October 2006
Hi Kevin
Congratulations on yet another maximum bet winner,"Army of Angels", what an excellent service.
Being a member of "Personal lnfo", l would like to say, what a great service it is and they do what they promise. They provide good quality selections,and should you need to ask any questions, Kevin is more than happy to reply.
l am more than £500.00 in profit after only 9 days.

Many thanks again for an absolutely fantastic service,
Pleae leave my comments on your testimonial page.

Ivan from Derbyshire
Posted: 29 September 2006
Hi Kevin
Many thanks for Plum Pudding Won 8/1 - made my day/week!
You're the greatest
G B from Derbyshire
Posted: 29 September 2006
Hi Kevin,

27 points in seven days! Remarkable. I'm sure this can't carry on, but if it does I'll be sending you a pretty good present at Christmas.

All the best.

K N from London
Posted: 05 April 2006
Dear Kevin,
Just want to say how sensational being a member of your service has been in such a short space of time. Your results have been phenominal and I look forward to future bets with much anticipation.
best regards
Paul from Suffolk
Posted: 27 May 2005
Dear Kevin.
I've spent a fortune over the years trying to find this standard and, so far, the success that you have brought to me.......Where have you been? Well now, for me, you're here to stay!! Keep up the good work- long may it continue.
CE from Salford
Posted: 13 April 2005
Hi Kevin,

After trying your service for one month, I have been very impressed by your consistent and positive information, both the Maximum and Mainline services have resulted in a healthy profit. I have now subscribed for a full year and look forward to even more winners!

Many thanks

P B in Derbyshire
Posted: 20 September 2004
hi kevin
just wanted say thanks for the excellent info we are getting at the moment
my stakes are not very high, but im so glad that i have joined for the year, the fee i paid for the year will soon be covered and who knows what is beyond that, but i know were excited by it.
yours faithfully H.D******
Kendle, Cumbria
Mr H D from Kendle, Cumbria
Posted: 04 July 2004
Hi Kevin,
Just to congratulate you as Im so pleased that I joined you this year!! much that the money I have won, I have just booked for me and my partner to get married next year in Cyprus....thanks Kevin. Ps please show my testimonial.

Kind regards
Mark and Caroline
Follow up testimonial from the above client:

Dated 8th July
Hi kevin,what a very nice win today ..KEHAAR at a very nice 10/1 !!...congratulations yet again!!.
i had £250 e-way and collected £3,625.

Mark and Caroline
Posted: 22 June 2004
Sunday 20th june 2004
Hi Kevin, am i PLEASED or what!!!!! I know it is too soon to have a big celebration, but i had to e.mail you to say CHEERS! As i am sure you remember i was a little reluctant to join your service, having had my fingers burnt previously, well am i glad you talked me into it! As a rather cautious type i put aside a running bank of 200 points to test your "mainline service", i am pleased to say my running bank now stands at just over 276 points. It is a good feeling knowing that whatever happens in the near future i have 76 points of the bookmakers money to play with before i touch any of my hard earned cash! How long have i been with the service?.....five days! keep up the good work please..........steve. p.s. if you wish to add this to your testimonials you have my full permission..........
From Steve L
Steve L from Essex
Posted: 21 March 2004
Hi Kevin
I like your new website, very neat and speedy!
I started betting 3 years ago and like many lost too much, following tipsters. Now that I have split the wheat from the chaff, and I would say the vast majority of them are a mistake, I have come to the conclusion that you are on your own, a league of your own, because you are in the know for real. I have only come across another person who is as professional as you are. I received a free book from him last month, (he must of got my address from some gambling database) and a news letter with anti-post gamble for Cheltenham, which were " Hardy Eustace" which won at 33/1, of the other selections that won there were, "brave inca" 7/2 (e/p 11/2, ) fundamentalist 12 or 14/1, fork lightning 8/1 anti-post> 4/1 and St Piren 8/1 also anti post > 4/1 !!! wow, he had 5 or 6 losers as well, so what!

Anyway Kevin I just thought that I would bring this guy to your attention because your a good honest pro, his name ******** ***** and lives in ******* http://www.********************.com/

I just thought this might interest you in some way.

best regards
B C - Gwent
Posted: 04 December 2003
Having joined your service 2 months ago I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your information. Having put numerous tipsters through my wallet in the last three years I believe I have found a service that delivers the goods consistently. Your staking plan is excellent and shows your ability to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I mainly concentrate on the 10 pt and 12 pt advices and for the months of October and November there were 19 of these advices posted as win bets of which 12 won - an incredible 63% won showing a superb 128 points profit and no odds on. This proves you know your game. Also what I like about your service is that you don't bombard people with tips to keep people happy- usually just one a day. There are also no long losing runs - in fact with the 10/12 pts there has only been one occasion when there have been two consecutive losers - and that has been when a horse refused to start - hardly your fault!

Kevin keep up the good work and please feel free to use this letter to any potential clients.

Kind Regards and a Happy Christmas
L.O'. - Co Kerry
Posted: 01 December 2002
Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you so very much for letting me join your racing service. This first month has been truly unbelievable. I've made fantastic profits and the regular stream of winners has made it great fun too.

This is the best racing service I've been involved with by miles.

Thanks again.

Ps: your now officially on my future wife's Christmas card list.
G.A. - Scotland
Posted: 29 July 2002
May I say well done with your excellent service especially
the maximums I am most impressed I am well into profit since
I started off with you on the 9th July this month even my
girlfriend has been curious to where all the winners I have
been backing have been coming from!

Given the profits your service is surprisingly good value for
money and it is a major advantage having access to your information and I for one hope you will continue your superb service which I am certain will provide me with a substantial income.

I will be of course be re-subscribing in the next few days as my period runs out soon keep up the good work and the stream of winners and profits flowing in!

Best Regards

Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial
to your service.
R.F. - West Midlands
Posted: 28 July 2002
Just a word to inform you I am about to renew my subscription, I am delighted with the service you offer, and the strike rate is excellent.

I personally place quite large bets, and I only invest in the 12 pt selections, sometimes I kick myself for not doing all the bets, but that's my rule, and I stick by it.

The Maximum bets are worth waiting for, and I can honestly say that you have proved to be the most honest and reliable informant I have come across.

I am at last making an excellent second income that will enable my family and me to achieve the good things in life.

Once again many thanks for your professionalism, the one thing I have learnt over a number of years is,

1: Stick with the right person
2: Have a separate bank
3: Except the inevitable losers
4: Invest in the sole information you have been given, (nothing you fancy)
5: I'm a person who does not need to invest everyday, so I wait for the big Maximum selections, (but that's just my choice)

People who expect winners all the time, are dreamers, I have seen so many of them years ago, they are given a good winner in the 2-00 at Newmarket, win good money, and by 3-00 they have lost it all again, then they blame every one else, but themselves.

The strike rate on Maximum bets is around 60%, and that is brilliant, I must say that when I am watching any of our selections run, it is very rare that were not right in the firing line.

Please feel free to use this letter for any of your potential clients, and if any of them have any doubts, I am quite happy for you to give them my email.

Best of luck Kevin

Posted: 04 March 2002
I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with your service,
For years I have been waiting for someone like you to come along, and confirm to me what I have always believed… that there is excellent money to be made on horse racing as long as the all important factor is me… that your personal adviser is giving you first class information, and you Mr Mather are doing just that.

I am someone who likes to plan ahead, and I have great plans for 2002 which involves a lot of money; thanks to you and your excellent service, all of my arrangements are done deals!

Thank you so very very much.

Yours sincerely,
A.A. - London
Posted: 01 March 2002
Just a few words of Appreciation of your service:
Your service is excellent, you must do your homework thoroughly to supply a very high percentage of WINNERS, keep up the good work……….."Thanks very much"

yours in sport.
Mr B.A. - Berks
Posted: 01 February 2002
Just received my new pin number today. I have only recently joined your service; the 6th Feb was my first bet, a winner! After subscribing to many services in the past I was sceptical for usually as soon as I join their winning streak comes to an end but not this time. Many thanks for the information and the number of winners in the last week my first week of membership. Long may our association continue?
A.H. - Cheshire
Posted: 24 January 2002
Just a quick line to let you know how I feel about being a member of your racing advisory service, privileged seems to be the best answer, and here’s why.

During the time that I have been with your service I have learnt a lot along the way. The main things learnt have been to trust you’re judgment, appreciate that all your selections are "live horses" and really are trying to win their races

Losing runs are part and parcel of horse racing, but with your service they are kept to the minimum, and provided you bet sensibly and don’t go " doubling stakes" just because you have had a couple of winners, then you cannot fail to make a profit from joining your service.

One other thing I have come to realise Kevin is that joining your service is really a long term commitment rather than a short one.

My advice to anyone thinking of joining your service is this:

Make your commitment to one person and stick with it,

The winners will far outweigh the losers.

Provided you act and bet sensibly then this service will make you a profit.

Another point in favour of joining your service is the added benefit of getting information from a genuine person who is also backing the same selection and not a person who just gives out information for the sake of providing a bet for the day

Yours sincerely

P.S. feel free to use any part (or all) of this letter as any testimonial to your service.
Rob.W. - Wirral
Posted: 09 May 2001
Could it be that I have found a racing service that lives up to its claims.

But because of having my fingers burnt so many times I hope you will understand my apprehension.

I am more than pleased with the service you provide and believe it is worth every penny.

Kevin, please find enclosed my next months fee and thank you.

Yours sincerely
D.T. - Midlands
Posted: 29 March 2001
I enclose a cheque for another 3 months membership.

Thanks to your generosity in offering to extended it because racing was shut down due to foot and mouth.


All the best
B.B. - London
Posted: 20 January 2000
I have received your advice for just 2 months and based on the results so far I expect to re- subscribe for quite a long time to come.

Having had problems finding genuine information in the past, I am now looking forwards to a profitable future from horse racing.

So I would recommend your services to those who want to obtain genuine information providing frequent winners.

Thanks once again
K.G. - London
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